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Sunk Into a Pit

What My Mother Means to Me

GPS - Presented by Dave Evelhoch

The Growing Seed

The Ascension

Jack Wyrick presenting the message

What My Father Means/Meant To Me

Be Holy and Honorable

Mind Your Own Business

Be Self-Controlled

KingsFest Presentation

Respect Your Church Leaders

Root for the Underdog

Why Pray

What's a Prayer List?

Pastor on Vacation

Everything Comes to Him Who Waits

Good Morning! What's Good About It?

Congregational Reflection

Pathways for Our Future

Good vs. Evil

Owning Your Step

Week of September 14

About our pastor…

  • Harold Artis Bolyard, Jr. began his pastoral duties at Trinity Walnut Bottom on July 1, 2010. Reading, basketball, classical movies, and the computer are some of his hobbies, and teaching is his primary spiritual gift. He focuses on being a teaching preacher.

  • Rev. Bolyard considers himself to be a strong leader who is a thinker and one who cares deeply for people. He says he is a solid Bible teacher, from a conservative perspective.

  • He and his wife Dianne will be living in the parsonage on Goodhart Street. Their adult children who have blessed them with grandchildren are Lori (Rex Whetstone), Lisa (Craig Sinnamon), and Steven (Bobbi Jo) Dawson.

  • He began his full-time ministry on 7/1/1985 at St. John’s – Moore’s Chapel in Elkton, MD and moved on to the Trinity UMC in the Laurel Charge in Laurel, DE in 1987. In 1995 he began work at the Rock Hall Charge in Rock Hall, MD. From 2001 until this summer he has been working in Perry County in the Keystone-Perry Charge, which changed its name to Trinity Charge with the addition of the Dellville UMC in 2004.

    Be sure to attend church activities to learn more about the Bolyard family!